Year 2 Updates

Hello Year 2,

A big thank you to all of the families that have spent time sending emails and messaging. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to see the fantastic things you have been completing at home. Lots of you are keeping very busy and completing all of your home learning tasks. Thank you!

05.05.2020 – Since finishing his David Walliams book, Mr Stink, Fletcher has wrote his very own acrostic poem and book review. I was so impressed with Fletcher’s book review, it was amazing! Fletcher has also been baking at home. Here is his white chocolate cheesecake.

07.05.2020 – Ava and Lilly have been extremely busy over the last week, they have continued to complete their home learning tasks and are trying really hard with their spellings. The girls have also been roller skating, designed and created their own bird feeders and have planted their sunflowers outside as they had grown so big!

10.05.2020 – Since lockdown, Aaron has been working so hard on the home learning tasks set. I was so overwhelmed with the effort he has been putting in to his work. Well done Aaron!

11.05.2020 – Macie has been enjoying completing her online learning at home and is regularly practising her sounds. Keep up your all of your hard work!

12.05.2020 – Mia is continuing to closely observe her butterflies and is sending me regular updates. She has wrote an amazing explanation of what has happened so far. I think the next time she emails, Mia may have beautiful butterflies!

12.05.2020 – Alexander created a beautiful rainbow picture during an Art session at home. It really brightened up my day! Thank you Alexander!

15.05.2020 – Jayden has been spending lots of time in the garden, busy growing his own strawberries, cucumbers, runner beans, peas and tomatoes. Just like Miss Underwood, Jayden also celebrated V.E. Day at home with his family. He and his brother Jack made beautiful red, white and blue paper chains to decorate outside their home. They even wore red, white and blue clothing, to mark the occasion!

16.05.2020 – Yesterday, Jacob celebrated his 7th Birthday in lockdown. Despite it being very different, I can see he must have had a fabulous fun-filled day. He designed and decorated his own Birthday cake, ready for his party. Happy Birthday Jacob!

20.05.20 – Jenson and his younger brother, Oscar, have been answering maths questions then hopscotching to the correct number. I bet you’re both going to be so speedy at recalling facts, when you come back to school. They have also been identifying trees, by their leaves on their daily walks. The boys also made a bird’s nest out of leaves and twigs, discovering how skilled birds must be, as they have no hands to help them! Jenson has been solving money problems, by roleplaying shop scenarios, to buy snacks. When Jenson completes his home learning tasks he is awarded money to spend at the snack shop. He has also enjoyed playing scrabble, a fun board game which helps your spelling. Finally, Jenson has even watched caterpillars transform into butterflies. WOW Jenson, you and your family have been so busy!!

20.05.20 – Mia has some wonderful news to share with us all. Today, three butterflies emerged from their chrysalis! Watch the clip above that Mia’s Mommy managed to capture. It is so fascinating!

Please continue to send in your photographs to I really do love to see how you are getting on and will include them on the blog, for all your friends to see too.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Underwood


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