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Hi Year 2,

It has been so lovely to be able to speak with so many of your families this week, catching up and making sure you are all safe and well. Lots of you have shared with me how well home learning is going and that you have been busy completing lots of lovely activities, while enjoying quality family time.

This week, I have updated the Y2 home learning webpage with some new task ideas for you to complete. I have also set tasks on Purple Mash, that are available for you to access via Wonde. If you need any help with your emoji password details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Below are some photographs of some of the wonderful things that you have been doing, while at home. If you wish to send any more photographs, please email postbox@rushall.walsall.sch.uk and I can get these uploaded to the blog.

20.04.2020 – Look at some of the fantastic things Mia has been up to! She has created two amazing pieces of extended writing – a retell of the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood and a recipe to bake cookies. Mia and her Mommy have also been planting fruit and vegetables in the garden. They are currently growing strawberries, pumpkins, tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley and rosemary.

17.04.2020 – Alongside Jenson’s work for the local community, delivering care packages to the vulnerable people of Rushall, he has also been very busy in the garden. He and his little brother have created bird feeders using old milk cartons and they currently building a large reading teepee. I can’t wait to see it once it has finished.

23.04.2020 – This week Alexander has been baking cookies, just like the ones Little Red Riding Hood took to Grandma’s house. I bet they taste beautiful. He has then uploaded his own recipe to Purple Mash so I can practise baking cookies.

24.04.20 – This week Fletcher has helped bake yummy chocolate and raspberry brownies – my favourite! He has also finished reading ‘Mr Stink’, which he is now using to write his own poem. I cannot wait to read your finished piece. Fletcher has carried out his own Science experiment to explain how sound waves affect your ears. Around his home learning, Fletcher has been enjoying daily bike rides and participating in exercise routines in the garden.

23.04.2020 – Over the Easter holidays Sam has been enjoying spending quality time with his family. Each day they are going on walks and spotting wildlife along the way. Here is a recount of some of the living things Sam saw.

An Easter gift Jacob has created during his time at home. This really did put a huge smile on my face!

25.04.2020 – Look at all of the wonderful things Jacob has been up to over the last few weeks, with his family. He has enjoyed junk modelling to create robots, decorating his own Easter bonnet, baking and planting seeds. Can you guess what he might be growing?

27.04.2020 – Lily and Ava have been super busy at home. They have been involved in a variety of hands on learning experiences. They have helped Finley complete his science experiment, created tie dye clothes and have also been planting. There is an ongoing competition in the Yates house, to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. They have experimented where the plants will grow best with some of the flowers being inside and some outside. At the moment the sunflowers that are inside are much taller. I wonder whether it will stay this way?

27.04.2020 – Mia has received a special parcel today. The arrival of her very own caterpillars! She is going to keep us updated regularly, to inform us on their growth.

Thank you.

Stay safe,

Miss Underwood X

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