Collecting Data in Computing

Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning all about collecting and representing data. As a class, they discussed different ways to collect data. Miss Underwood suggested the children could collect data in a Pictogram. Together the children thought about all of the benefits representing data this way.

Today the children carried out their own data collection. Working together, the children had to roll a dice twenty times, recording what number it landed on each time. Once they had each collected their data, the children were able to use Purple Mash to represent it in a pictogram. The children found that when the data was represented in a pictogram, it was much easier to interpret and draw conclusions from.

Sharing stories…

This morning, Year 2 shared their love of reading with their buddy class and ARP 2, during a quality reading session. They each selected their favourite books and stories ready to share with their reading partners. All of Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed sharing their stories, discussing why they enjoyed the book.

Why is exercise good for us?

In Year 2, over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about exercise in Science. We learnt that there are different reasons why exercise is important!

We learnt that exercising is good for our heart, it makes us feel good, it makes our muscles stronger and it makes us more flexible.

We completed a series of exercises to investigate how they made us feel. We discovered that running made our hearts beat very fast, that star jumps worked our muscles and our heart and that yoga made us feel good and could increase our flexibility!

Juicy Fruit

In Year 2, we have been learning about lots of different fruits and vegetables. This is because our Year 2 harvest song this year is Juicy Fruits! It contains a lot of fruits we had never heard of before! We have talked about figs, guavas, gooseberry, prunes and many more fruits! We have looked at whether they grow on a tree or a bush, and what their seeds look like.

We were very lucky that we had some home grown cucumber that we could try! It was interesting to touch as it didn’t have the waxy layer that cucumbers have when bought from a supermarket. It smelt very fresh and was very juicy!

Welcome to Year 2!

We have had such an exciting first week in Year 2! We have created some leaves in Art, using soft pastels and oil pastels.

Firstly, we separated the different autumnal colours we would need. Then we added different colours onto our leaf using the end of the pastels and learnt how to blend them together by smudging them with our fingers. We loved the different autumnal shades that were created by using this method! Finally, we added the finishing details to our leaves using a dark colour of pastel but this time not smudging it. We found this an extremely fun, creative and messy way of using pastels!