Year 2 Catch Up

Hello Year 2,

I hope you and your families are all still keeping well and safe.

Following the newsletter that has been sent this week, I am so happy I can finally share with you all that I am going to be your teacher again in September! I was so delighted when Mrs Bargh and Mrs O’Brien told me. I am already excitedly planning new topics for us to start learning about in Year 3. Before we start back in September (fingers crossed!!!) it would be nice to see you all at our planned socially distant picnic on Wednesday 8th July. Further information will be shared with you all about this very soon.

I have received some photos since my last blog post. Remember if you have any photos you would like to share with your friends via the blog you can email them to or you can send them through the Class Dojo app.

Over the last few weeks I have been spending more time in school, welcoming back some of the pupils from other years. It has been strange not being with you all, but nice to finally return back to some sort of ‘normal’! While I have not been in school, like Fletcher, I have also been planting in the garden. At the moment, I have tomatoes and runner beans growing. When I checked this morning buds had just started to form!

Missing you all and I hope I can see you all at our end of year picnic.


Miss Underwood x

Half Term Updates

Hi Year 2,

I hope that you have had a lovely half term, spending time with your family and enjoying the beautiful weather! I cannot believe how fast the week has gone.

This week I have spent lots of time in my garden and out in the local area, enjoying the sunshine! I went for a lovely walk around Barton Marina and even spotted two herons. I also watched the live SpaceX launch and waited patiently in my garden to see if I could spot the spacecraft. Unfortunately, I did not manage to see the spacecraft, but I did manage to capture the International Space Station.

What have you been up to this week? You can send your photos via email with the subject ‘Miss Underwood’ to or send them directly to me on Class Dojo.

On Monday home learning will resume and the Year 2 timetable can be found here – I know how tricky it can be to complete your work at home but you have all continued to amaze and impress me with everything you have been doing. I also owe a big thank you to your grown ups for everything they are doing to help and support you.

Monday will also mark the first day of the final half term of the school year and it will be the start of the second half term that our classroom will not be filled with the buzz and excitement of returning to school, after a half term break.

I hope to hear from lots of you soon, sharing some of the wonderful things you have been up to over the last week.

See you soon.

Miss Underwood X

30.05.20 – Jacob has spent lots of time in the garden, also enjoying the beautiful weather. He has also been improving his baking skills by creating his own carrot cake and Viennese biscuits. You and your Mom are so clever!

01.06.2020 – Mia has had a wonderful half term break. After watching her caterpillars develop into beautiful butterflies, over the last few weeks. the time had come to finally release them into the air. Mia has also enjoyed spending time in the garden, splashing around in her new swimming pool and tending to her fruit and vegetables. Mia and her Mom are also having a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower – at the moment it looks like Mia is winning. Lastly, Mia has successfully dyed her hair pink, using crepe paper!

05.06.2020 – Alexander has been developing his carpentry skills by creating his own wooden bug hotel. Bug hotels offer shelter to wildlife who may struggle to find safe hideaway in gardens. I wonder what bugs Alexander might have coming to stay.

11.06.2020 – Like lots of you, Fletcher has been super busy with his home learning. After thoroughly enjoying Mr Stink, Fletcher has now started to read another of David Walliams’ books – Bad Dad. He has continued to stay active and recently went all the way to Villa Park on his bicycle – a whole 23 miles in a day!!! On the way back home, Fletcher and his family cycled along the canal from Perry Barr, they also spotted a Heron, just like me! Finally, Fletcher has also been busy planting in his garden, after his neighbour kindly sent marigold and lupins that he had been growing in his greenhouse. Your garden is going to look so colourful!

Happy Half Term!

Hello Year 2,

I hope that you are all still keeping well, busy and safe during these strange times. I have really enjoyed continuing to catch up with lots of you, while we are all away from school. It is so lovely receiving letters, emails and photographs to show some of the fun and enjoyable activities you have been doing.

I can see you have been working hard to complete your home learning tasks, handing in work on Google Classroom and Purple Mash. I was so overwhelmed with the dedication and independence that has been shown. You should all be so proud of your efforts!

It is hard to believe we are already at the end of Summer Term 1 and today we should have been finishing school ready for the half term break. During this time, no online learning tasks will be set. So please spend this time relaxing enjoying quality time with your families ready to continue your learning from Monday 1st June.

If you wish to send photographs to be shared on the blog, of some of the exciting things that you get up to next week, then please email them to or you can send them directly to me on Class Dojo.

I look forward to seeing you all soon – hopefully!

Take care and stay safe!

Miss Underwood X

Year 2 Updates

Hello Year 2,

A big thank you to all of the families that have spent time sending emails and messaging. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to see the fantastic things you have been completing at home. Lots of you are keeping very busy and completing all of your home learning tasks. Thank you!

05.05.2020 – Since finishing his David Walliams book, Mr Stink, Fletcher has wrote his very own acrostic poem and book review. I was so impressed with Fletcher’s book review, it was amazing! Fletcher has also been baking at home. Here is his white chocolate cheesecake.

07.05.2020 – Ava and Lilly have been extremely busy over the last week, they have continued to complete their home learning tasks and are trying really hard with their spellings. The girls have also been roller skating, designed and created their own bird feeders and have planted their sunflowers outside as they had grown so big!

10.05.2020 – Since lockdown, Aaron has been working so hard on the home learning tasks set. I was so overwhelmed with the effort he has been putting in to his work. Well done Aaron!

11.05.2020 – Macie has been enjoying completing her online learning at home and is regularly practising her sounds. Keep up your all of your hard work!

12.05.2020 – Mia is continuing to closely observe her butterflies and is sending me regular updates. She has wrote an amazing explanation of what has happened so far. I think the next time she emails, Mia may have beautiful butterflies!

12.05.2020 – Alexander created a beautiful rainbow picture during an Art session at home. It really brightened up my day! Thank you Alexander!

15.05.2020 – Jayden has been spending lots of time in the garden, busy growing his own strawberries, cucumbers, runner beans, peas and tomatoes. Just like Miss Underwood, Jayden also celebrated V.E. Day at home with his family. He and his brother Jack made beautiful red, white and blue paper chains to decorate outside their home. They even wore red, white and blue clothing, to mark the occasion!

16.05.2020 – Yesterday, Jacob celebrated his 7th Birthday in lockdown. Despite it being very different, I can see he must have had a fabulous fun-filled day. He designed and decorated his own Birthday cake, ready for his party. Happy Birthday Jacob!

20.05.20 – Jenson and his younger brother, Oscar, have been answering maths questions then hopscotching to the correct number. I bet you’re both going to be so speedy at recalling facts, when you come back to school. They have also been identifying trees, by their leaves on their daily walks. The boys also made a bird’s nest out of leaves and twigs, discovering how skilled birds must be, as they have no hands to help them! Jenson has been solving money problems, by roleplaying shop scenarios, to buy snacks. When Jenson completes his home learning tasks he is awarded money to spend at the snack shop. He has also enjoyed playing scrabble, a fun board game which helps your spelling. Finally, Jenson has even watched caterpillars transform into butterflies. WOW Jenson, you and your family have been so busy!!

20.05.20 – Mia has some wonderful news to share with us all. Today, three butterflies emerged from their chrysalis! Watch the clip above that Mia’s Mommy managed to capture. It is so fascinating!

Please continue to send in your photographs to I really do love to see how you are getting on and will include them on the blog, for all your friends to see too.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Underwood


VE Day Celebrations

Hi Year 2,

I hope you are all still keeping safe and well. It has been so lovely to hear from lots of you, sharing all of the lovely things you have been doing with your families, during lockdown. The work that has been submitted on Purple Mash or sent in via postbox is amazing and of such a high standard. You should all be extremely proud of your continued hard work and effort.

As you are aware, on Friday it is the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day. V.E. Day stands for Victory in Europe Day, which took place 75 years ago on Tuesday 8th May 1945. It was on this day that allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe, sparking celebrations all around the World.

Back in 1945, a national holiday was declared and there was dancing and singing happening in the streets across Britain. A crowd of 50,000 people was packed into Piccadilly circus, London, many of whom were waving Union Jack flags. At 3pm, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, broadcast from the War Cabinet Office to tell the nation war was over.

Originally people all over the country were hoping to commemorate 75 years since the end of World War II, on Friday. People across Britain are now thinking of ways to celebrate in a socially distant way.

I have been celebrating V.E. Day by observing the two minute silence at 11am, creating and displaying my own red, white and blue decorations, baking a wartime cake recipe and joining neighbours to participate in our street party.

As part of our whole school celebrations, all children were asked to create a piece of enrichment work that is linked to either V.E. Day or World War Two. See below of some of Year 2’s fabulous homework.

Please send any photos of your V.E. Day celebrations and/or enrichment homework to or via the Class Dojo page. These can then be added to our blog.

Stay safe and well!

Miss Underwood X

Home Learning

Hi Year 2,

It has been so lovely to be able to speak with so many of your families this week, catching up and making sure you are all safe and well. Lots of you have shared with me how well home learning is going and that you have been busy completing lots of lovely activities, while enjoying quality family time.

This week, I have updated the Y2 home learning webpage with some new task ideas for you to complete. I have also set tasks on Purple Mash, that are available for you to access via Wonde. If you need any help with your emoji password details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Below are some photographs of some of the wonderful things that you have been doing, while at home. If you wish to send any more photographs, please email and I can get these uploaded to the blog.

20.04.2020 – Look at some of the fantastic things Mia has been up to! She has created two amazing pieces of extended writing – a retell of the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood and a recipe to bake cookies. Mia and her Mommy have also been planting fruit and vegetables in the garden. They are currently growing strawberries, pumpkins, tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley and rosemary.

17.04.2020 – Alongside Jenson’s work for the local community, delivering care packages to the vulnerable people of Rushall, he has also been very busy in the garden. He and his little brother have created bird feeders using old milk cartons and they currently building a large reading teepee. I can’t wait to see it once it has finished.

23.04.2020 – This week Alexander has been baking cookies, just like the ones Little Red Riding Hood took to Grandma’s house. I bet they taste beautiful. He has then uploaded his own recipe to Purple Mash so I can practise baking cookies.

24.04.20 – This week Fletcher has helped bake yummy chocolate and raspberry brownies – my favourite! He has also finished reading ‘Mr Stink’, which he is now using to write his own poem. I cannot wait to read your finished piece. Fletcher has carried out his own Science experiment to explain how sound waves affect your ears. Around his home learning, Fletcher has been enjoying daily bike rides and participating in exercise routines in the garden.

23.04.2020 – Over the Easter holidays Sam has been enjoying spending quality time with his family. Each day they are going on walks and spotting wildlife along the way. Here is a recount of some of the living things Sam saw.

An Easter gift Jacob has created during his time at home. This really did put a huge smile on my face!

25.04.2020 – Look at all of the wonderful things Jacob has been up to over the last few weeks, with his family. He has enjoyed junk modelling to create robots, decorating his own Easter bonnet, baking and planting seeds. Can you guess what he might be growing?

27.04.2020 – Lily and Ava have been super busy at home. They have been involved in a variety of hands on learning experiences. They have helped Finley complete his science experiment, created tie dye clothes and have also been planting. There is an ongoing competition in the Yates house, to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. They have experimented where the plants will grow best with some of the flowers being inside and some outside. At the moment the sunflowers that are inside are much taller. I wonder whether it will stay this way?

27.04.2020 – Mia has received a special parcel today. The arrival of her very own caterpillars! She is going to keep us updated regularly, to inform us on their growth.

Thank you.

Stay safe,

Miss Underwood X

Happy Easter

Hi Year 2,

Happy Easter to you all!

I hope you are all keeping well and safe during these unusual times. It feels very strange not being able to go to school. Me and Miss Calcroft miss seeing all your lovely smiles!

I wonder, what you have been doing to keep yourselves busy? I have been spending time in the garden, playing board games and I have also started planning the work we should be completing in the Summer term – hoping that we are back very soon.

As you are aware Easter celebrations begin this Friday. Usually, in school, we would have celebrated by showing off our Easter bonnets, singing our favourite Easter songs and participating in the Egg Roll competition.

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating our class page with some new home learning tasks, that you may wish to complete with your families. If you have any questions about this please email

I hope to see you all very soon!

Miss Underwood X

World Book Day 2020!

Today, Year 2 have celebrated World Book Day, by coming to school dressed as their favourite book character. They began the morning, discussing with their friends, who had they had come dressed as and why that character is their favourite.

Mrs Cook had kindly organised for Hobgoblin Theatre Company to perform ‘The Greatest Fairy Tale Ever Told’. The story was a twist on a variety of familiar fairy tales, using characters the children all recognised.

The children have learnt all about their friend’s favourite stories and books and sharing these with our buddy class. Year 2 have shared a range of texts, including fiction and non-fiction books.

Changing the Shape of Different Materials?

This term, in Science, Year 2 have been learning all about everyday materials. They started the topic, by recapping and building on their Year 1 knowledge. The children were able to name different materials and give examples of where these are used in our classroom and around school.

The children have learnt that some objects can be changed by squashing, bending, stretching and twisting. See the video below, of Year 2 demonstrating how to squash, bend, stretch and twist.

They then investigated, whether a variety of different objects can be changed. To carry out their investigation, the children used a plastic bottle, pipe cleaner, sock, paper drinking straw, play dough, bath towel, sponge and an elastic band. The children found that all of the objects could be changed in some way, but none of the objects could be changed by being squashed, stretched, twisted and bent.

Collecting Data in Computing

Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning all about collecting and representing data. As a class, they discussed different ways to collect data. Miss Underwood suggested the children could collect data in a Pictogram. Together the children thought about all of the benefits representing data this way.

Today the children carried out their own data collection. Working together, the children had to roll a dice twenty times, recording what number it landed on each time. Once they had each collected their data, the children were able to use Purple Mash to represent it in a pictogram. The children found that when the data was represented in a pictogram, it was much easier to interpret and draw conclusions from.